Hi! I’m Kim Jackson – the “Kat” behind SpaceKat Digital Strategies!

You may wonder, “What’s with the name, SpaceKat?” It’s a combo of two of my all-time favorites. I have loved exploring the solar system and beyond since I was a wee thing, and I have always loved cats. The “K” is a nod to my name.

So why am I qualified to help you make your way in our fast-paced and sometimes confusing digital universe? The broad spectrum of experience I have accrued in my life has melded together to form a unique talent base.  I am empathetic, instinctive and knowledgeable, which helps me to think beyond the box when it comes to marketing strategy. Perhaps best of all, I throw out the jargon and keep things “real,” so that we stay on the same page and have fun during the process!

What is digital marketing?

Unless you are a marketing major or have spent time working in the field,  you probably have questions about what the heck digital marketing is and how your business would benefit from a digital marketing plan.

Digital marketing is the practice of using Internet tools and platforms to drive more people to your business and, as a result, to drive an increase in sales of your business’ products or services.

How does a digital marketing strategy work in the real world?

Digital marketing isn’t junior high, but this analogy may help to illustrate how the research, planning, development and execution of a digital marketing plan can guide your business in a positive – and profitable – direction.

It’s your first day in junior high – typically the toughest time of a kid’s school career. You walk on campus with your heart pounding. There are kids of all shapes and sizes walking in every direction. There are at least a hundred classrooms in this strange building that is twice the size of your elementary school. You have seven classes a day instead of two. The teachers look mean. How in the world are you going to navigate this new world?

You take a deep breath and start on your best course of action: You get to know the other kids. You learn your way around the school. You figure out how each teacher wants you to fill out tests, hand in homework and if he/she counts tardies. You use multiple ways – sometimes different strategies on different days – to become a kid who, by mid-year, is not only starting to feel comfortable in this new environment, but is working it! Getting good grades! Making friends. The key is…YOU HAVE TO LEARN THE ROPES AND THAT TAKES TIME.

In the digital marketing world, your main goal is to get to know – and to reach – new customers through a variety of methods (social media marketing) so that they start wanting to hang out with you a little. Once they know you’re pretty cool and that you have good information to share (content marketing), they feel comfortable hanging out after school (email marketing) and visit you at your house (website). And if they need to Google your address, that’s no problem because it is right at top of the list of results (search engine optimization). Before you know it, they consider you a good friend and you’ve got a customer for a life!

Why is it important for my business to have a digital marketing plan?

Not only do you need a digital marketing plan, you might put your business at a real disadvantage if you don’t use it. Every year, more people are buying online, or looking to the Internet to find what they need in their hometown, whether it be restaurants, retail stores, home services, veterinarians, and so on.

A few stats:

  • Most Americans prefer to shop online, and the number is only going to get bigger as younger generations grow up in an Internet-dominated world. Despite this, 46% of small businesses do not have a website because they feel that their operation is simply too small to warrant a website.
  • Going online allows you to expose your business to thousands or even millions of potential customers. For example, Facebook’s total number of users exceeds 1.4 billion. If you sell a $100 product, you’d need to sell to only 0.00125% of the entire user population of Facebook to have a seven-figure business.

Whether your business is taking advantage of it or not right now, digital marketing has forever changed the way that consumers find businesses, and vice versa. Being accessible to your customers – and your prospective clients – via the Internet is a vital means of developing relationships with them and helping them through the sales funnel.

How much does (digital marketing) cost?

While you can realize cost savings (over traditional marketing) in the digital world, it is not free. Whether you’re spending your own valuable time on it, asking an employee to add it to their workload, or outsourcing to a marketing firm, there is always a cost.

The key is to set goals, develop the optimal strategy to reach those goals and establish an affordable budget that will result in the maximum return on investment (ROI) out of the time or money you put into it. It’s important to remember, however, that ROI doesn’t have to mean revenue. It can, but it can also mean meeting other objectives, such as getting new leads, increasing email subscriptions, or even boosting customer satisfaction.

We offer digital strategy packages designed to address where the business owner is in his/her digital path, and even offer a “build-your-own” package that allows a company to tailor the program to specific needs.

My business has a website - isn't that enough?

Many business owners believe that launching a website and a product is enough to generate sales. But that equation is missing a key element: digital marketing.

A clean, attractive and user-friendly website should serve as your home base, the core that all else evolves from and where you want to send everyone to go to for more information. Your digital marketing plan should combine the right mix of tools so that it reaches the audience of people who will go to your site and buy from you. It takes hard work and effort to generate leads on a consistent basis!

Your website allows the world find out who you are, what goods and/or services you offer and serves as a hub for your online store, blog, social, email, video and “traditional” marketing/communications tools so that they work together to optimize branding, name recognition, and ultimately, sales! SpaceKat can evaluate your site to see if you need to tweak your strategy!

How do I know if it (digital marketing) is working?

Success is measured using the same metrics you use for any other marketing activity: traffic, leads, and customers. The bottom line that determines the success of your strategy is how many people it drives to your website, how many of them are qualified leads, and how many of them actually become customers.

There are a host of web analytics tools and platforms that help you to measure results and tune and optimize the program to generate better results. We integrate measurement tools into all SpaceKat Digital Strategies service packages!